About Us

We have all the experts and specialists ready to offer you the appropriate professional services that you will need to make the seamless move:

Migration lawyers and agents

deal with the paperwork and make your process of moving to Australia a trouble-free one

Tutors and Subject Specialists

coach your child in the relevant subjects needed and give sound advice to the choice of subjects or courses to take in schools or institutions

Real estate agents and rental property managers

provide services to enable you to invest in the Australian real estate and/or manage your investment property so that you do not need to be always physically present

Banking, insurance and mortgage professionals

help you set up bank accounts from overseas or upon arrival, as well as handle your necessary insurance and home ownership obligations

Guardian and homestay experts

ensure your child is well taken care of in their homes and provide healthy meals to help your child settle into the Australian life just like in their comforts of own home

Business specialists

provide relevant information and assistance you need to know in order to set up your own business in Australia

Accountants and tax agents

handle all of your Australian financial responsibilities and the complicating taxation obligations to take your mind off the numbers

General Skilled Migration
Business Migration
Investor Migration
Company Sponsored Work
Visa Renewals

Our company only works with trusted and reputable specialists and migration experts with proven track record results and who believe in the same professional values and take pride in their work as we do at AOSS. Our relationship is well-established and together we ensure that your needs will be taken care of and expectations be met. There is no extra commission charged going through us or them.