Study in Australia

Whether you are looking at moving on to an undergraduate study or upgrading yourself in postgraduate studies or even a parent helping to source for a good private school for your child overseas to help him better his education and future, our team at AOSS will match you with the right school or institution within your realistic goals and needs.

We will also offer consultation and customise your application according to your current situation and visa status especially when you are considering moving to Australia for a longer term of studies and/or work.

We will always put your interests at heart and will provide you with the best options for consideration that will most suit your budget as you consider the courses and length of study in the selected field and whether they will fall within the qualified skills of occupation list for emigration if required.

Seven Australian universities are in the global top 100, while a further 10 are in the top 300, with many institutions improving their positions as the year progresses. (Click here to view the most recent version of this article, based on the QS World University Rankings 2019).

There are numerous choices studying in Australia as you or your older children can choose to study at a university or private institution to acquire the professional or technical skill-sets for personal career in life. Younger children can also choose to study at one of the many private or government primary/secondary schools or colleges. We will provide the best advice so that you or your children can arrive at the country to study at the most appropriate age/level so as to maximize your or their opportunities and potentials in individual’s study and career pathways.

Assurance for parents

For those parents who are worried about putting their children overseas to study alone in a foreign country, we have additional services such as the Overseas Student Support Program (OSSP) tailored by our occupational psychologists and counsellors as an option to help students learn how to assimilate into their new environment and thus able to settle properly in their personal and school life especially those who are experiencing independence for the first time and also unfamiliar with the educational system in Australia. If necessary, parents can be provided with regular updates on the children’s well-being and progress to give them a piece of mind.

The OSSP also extend to older students who find it challenging coping with new things in life in a foreign place such as those who may find difficulties and lack confidence in communicating with local Australians and feel lonely as a result of finding themselves with very little or no friends. The OSSP help these students to refocus and get themselves back onto track as they learn communication skills and get to network around with their contemporaries interacting with other international students as well as the local Australians. There are also personalized programs to help those who come from an Asian background to fit socially into a Western culture, developing their abilities in expressing their opinions more openly without any fear in front of the class and in public. Other aspects of the customizable OSSP include time management and study skills such as writing of essays, coping with research and performing critical analysis, as well as assisting students to handle stress and issues should they fall behind in class and relooking at their subject choices if they need to change courses in the midst of their studies.

The Overseas Student Support Program doesn’t ends there. All in all, the OSSP is a holistic approach to support students in their mental well-being and physical health and overall character development. The program is a tailor-made program from beginning to the end and sometimes even goes beyond graduation upon request. Upon completion of your studies, we will assist plan their path for visa application should they wish to stay in the country to find work and even stay permanently in Australia if they like the country.

Other extended value-added services include CV writing and introduction to volunteer or casual work to get themselves involved in the wider community and build up their portfolio to help them move on into society for work.